10 Artists NOT on the EDC Lineup

#10 Artists NOT on the EDCLV Line-up



After murdering the crowd at the Vegas Raceway last year, this masked mystery man didn’t land on the lineup for some odd reason. ƱZ’s music & stage presence is unmatchable, indescribable, & mostly just the sickest trapstyle & twerk out. With laser bass & trippy trap sounds the entire EDC crowd can do nothing but bounce to his beats. His music is meant to be played on loud sound systems & his visuals will take you to your grave. Expect only real trap shit from ƱZ as he storms more festivals around the world.


#2. & #3.Antiserum X Mayhem

Topping the biggest year of their career, Antiserum & Mayhem land on the top of every major show & lineup but not this time. Together they have some of the best trap tunes especially for the dance crowd & live performances but with the House/Electro music dominating the scene it is difficult for these two top notch bass producers to land on such a huge lineup. It’s just a little unfair every trap artist gets to drop some AXM as they watch it destroy the biggest stages. Performing alongside Waka Flocka Flame & other huge EDM acts, they have always pushed the limits of bass music & continue to make big moves to take it to the next level. If the best of the best make the biggest line-ups then Antiserum & Mayhem definitely deserve a spot to be on it!



Brillz is a badass especially when he plays his extra twonky style out live. Known to rock the dance floor, Brillz has made an epic name for himself by making catchy trap tunes & remixes. Nobody can get enough of his crazy style & hard hitting bass tunes this is why we are so confused why the Twonk King didn’t make the lineup this year.


#5. & #6.RL Grime & Baauer

Not too much can be said about RL Grime & Baauer playing at major festivals because they are two extraordinary live acts who need to be on EDC’s lineup. Clockwork, who is on the Electric Daisy Carnival’s lineup is RL Grime’s alter alias who plays house & electro. It is hard to book one over the other but hopefully we can see Baauer & RL Grime play back to back at EDC next year!


Jack U

#7.Jack U

Jack U is a superstar duo, Skrillex & Diplo. The new group makes upbeat fun booty bouncing dance music that rocks crowds by the thousands. The two destroyed Ultra Miami’s stage with such force their name has been ringing since. Finally Skrillex & Diplo bring a super high energy performance with unheard of trapstyle bangers & dirty dubstep tunes.



To see Getter become a dubstep legend & have his Firepower homies Protohype & Datsik make the lineup but not him feels kind of like a burn. Getter has proved his sound is much more than dirty dubstep with raw bass power but he was stiffed this year because Insomniac doesn’t favor “Heavy Dubstep Artists” Getter says. Well how come they book Excision & Datsik but not the gnarly Getter? We better see the filthy Firepower boss on the lineup next year because he has earned the spot to be on a major festival lineup.


#9.Heroes X Villains

The trap duo has made such a huge impact on the trap scene & hip hop world it is hard to neglect such true talent. Daniel Disaster & his friend Pete have taken Trapstyle to the next level making upcoming musicians look like babies. Watch out for his powerful bass mixed with highly recognized hip hop songs flipped into a giant HXV mash up. His live sets are infamous & will leave your elbows & neck broken. This ATL producer has put himself so high on the pedestal nobody knows how he didn’t make the EDCLV lineup.


#10.DJ Green Lantern

Green Lantern has been taking over the festival scene this year. He is the biggest known Hip Hop producer who has hit the EDM stage with a trap influenced style. We see Green Lantern on lots of lineups but not the biggest. He has years & years of djing experience & has produced with the greatest rappers of all time including touring with Eminem constantly. DJ Green Lantern is a legend & has found his path to making thousands of fans move to his killer remixes & singles. The Evil Genius will make an appearance one of these years because he has every skill set to make him a major candidate for Insomniac’s EDCLV festival.