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27 May. 2012


Stickbubbly is a new somebody I want you to know about with his sick roots style embedded in the jungle/drum and bass category. Stickbubbly has a fast upbeat dubsteppish style that keeps you moving to the beat as he is slowly establishing himself as one of the hottest Canadian producers ever. Considered to be one […]

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22 May. 2012

Knife Party

Knife Party is an Australian electro house/dubstep duo founded by 2 members of the electronic rock band Pendulum. Doing some of the hottest electro dropz that rumble your bones but make you want to dance your ass off. Ya people have seem to have a magnetic force that draws them to this music but all […]

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19 May. 2012

Sub Focus

Screw all the fuss about mainliners and pop artists and all those other suckers that blew up on UKF this musician has his subs focused on making amazing music instead of money. More Drum & Bass than Heavy Bass Sub Focus jumps on stage ready to rock and is an experience that gains the interest […]

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09 May. 2012


With the world of music in his hands, young Mimosa is slowly taking things over; he certainly seems unconcerned with the world of choosing a specific genres as a means of defining his style, Tigran, also known as MiM0SA crafts music for his own sake, defying expectations with genre bending soundscapes. MiM0SA began producing at […]

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04 May. 2012


Damage is young producer from Arizona who put his own unique twist on the dubstep/hip hop standard by destroying tracks with his ridiculous dropz & high pitched melodic tunes that seems like the world is ending. Nobody can stop him from building a symphony of uptempo notes leading up to his epic third verse dub […]

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03 May. 2012


This American dub step sensation named Vaski, has been one of the dirtiest & grimiest artist to hit the tour scene since dubstep began, shaking the globe with his electro-derived dub step thats so deep it’s scary. Signing and releasing hits from the prestigious Rottun Recordings and Play Me Records, Vaski is no stranger to […]

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