Into the Sun

Into the Sun






Bassnectar unleashes 16 new diverse tracks along with a legendary mixtape 13. This time nectar brings a heavy metal influence sending his basshead community on a journey through Lorin’s past. Nobody can match his sound and his style is so unpredictable that no one ever knows his next move. His live sets are as epic as a movie & will leave you blown away wanting more. His collaborations with Lafa Taylor & G Jones are classic bassnectar freestyle music. Expect the bass world to explode into different directions as Bassnectar paves his own way in the scene!!Announcing the imminent release of INTO THE SUN – 16 brand new slices of Amorphous Music – a diverse journey through sparkling melodic downtempo to shimmering hype music to mutated indie rock re-cuts to renegade trap house to blistering bass music explosions.The final song is a 70-minute bonus track: Mixtape 13 – the brand new Bassnectar mixtape, packed with all original tracks and remixes, blended together seamlessly into a sonic voyage (into the sun). Because why have an album when you can have an album and a mixtape!The mixtape was developed over the last 6 months, featuring tons of collaborations and experiments, plus special versions off of Mesmerizing The Ultra (happy 10 year anniversary!). There was too much musical mayhem to cram into one record… so we crammed a disc full of sound and present it to you.Coming to your brains June 30th. Get 5 tracks now when you pre-order, including the title track “Into The Sun” and collabs/remixes featuring The Naked & Famous, Lafa Taylor, and G Jones.