Killer Bees / Vibes

Killer Bees / Vibes

  • 27 Oct. 2014
  • Artist: Dodge & Fuski
  • Released:
  • Genre: Bass Dubstep Filthy
  • Posted by: admin


Orignal dubstep destroyer Dodge’N’Fuski has emerged from the depths of hell to bring you new bass music. this disciple records release has heavy synths and dirty basslines that will rumble your house. check out our new dodge’n’fuski interview as he continues his journey into the world of bass music.


What Happened to Fuski???

Ok so a lot of people have been asking what happened to Fuski…
Probably a good time to make an official announcement – it’s been 2 years now since Chris was last involved, but as we never really ‘split’ there was never anything official to announce, he just stopped making the music and I’ve basically been seeing how things went.

In short, Chris had a baby 2 years ago (just after the Sucker Punch EP) and understandably priorities changed for him. We had a great time starting Dodge & Fuski together, but times change and people have lives to live, sometimes work fits into them and sometimes it doesn’t. However, as anyone who comes to the shows or follows me online will know, this isn’t really that much of an announcement as it’s been just me for the last 2 years – I just thought it was about time to set the record straight. After Chris stopped making music I felt like a change, so I made a bunch of glitch hop (starting with Vice with Culprate), it was a fun experiment but I felt I was marginalising what I was doing with DnF, so now the time has come to get 110% back into making dubstep/140bpm stuff which is the reason we got where we were in the first place. You can check out Killer Bees which comes out tomorrow by having a look at the many posts about it on this page for an idea of what’s to come.
The name will remain Dodge & Fuski; after all it’s a brand that has about 5 years history, and changing it will potentially confuse a lot of people not to mention screw all the social media and old youtube uploads up. After all, it was never Rob & Chris but an act name in the first place, so it’s here to stay. I’m trying to really push the whole DnF shortening of the name (Dodge & Fuski was always a confusing name and hard to pick up on in the first place!), but I’m not going to change the official name.
After tomorrow’s release, I have stacks of new 140bpm stuff in the works – who knows, could even be an album at some stage soon if I get enough together! I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the 132,174 (and counting) of you who have liked this page and supported myself and Chris over the last few years. Many years have gone into this act, and many many more years are yet to come. I personally couldn’t be more excited about where things are going right now.
DnF (Rob)