Noise Vs. Beauty

Noise Vs. Beauty






Bassnectar is back again with another album that will change the world. This 15 track adventure sends you to bass heaven & back, it’s everything we anticipated it to be and more. By more we mean that Bassnectar really created a different experience for his “baseheads” this time around. He had a listening party where he tweeted about his album during the session. Bassnectar is also hosting a contest and telling all Bassheads to change their twitter picture to his new “NVSB” album artwork, something that in itself speaks volumes. Not only is Bassnectar a bass God, he’s a master who has studied the tools of his trade. For this particular album, Noise VS. Beauty, Bassnectar aimed to create a different experience- something more focused on the balance between two opposites. Listen to this new album with open ears and be prepared to listen to some of the best music in the game to date. Not only does Bassnectar’s new album send you on a journey of ups and downs, vocally speaking Bassnectar collaborated with a wide range and variety of people which makes each song it’s very own. Fellow baseheads would agree Bassnectar has something special and different going on- a melodic and melancholic balance between that deep, hard-hitting bass and that light, emotional, harmonic fluttering of the wings of a butterfly. Bassnectar isn’t new to the game but neither is his talent. Learn from those who have been around and understand the deep-rooted relationships of sounds and where to marry them perfectly.