Whiskey & Coke

Whiskey & Coke

  • 01 Mar. 2013
  • Artist: Ozzie
  • Released:
  • Genre: Trap
  • Posted by: admin

Bringing some heavy hitters from OZZIE, this kid has to be one of the hardest producers to come out of the United Kingdom with one of the more unique styles that bangs unlike the rest. He just dropped his first free EP called Whiskey & Coke on his facebook, but we would instantly buy this EP just to support this young upcoming 19 year old that brings his own original sound incorporated with the U.K. Trapstyle influence. The whole Whiskey & Coke EP is some heavy trap music, plus every track is sick such as Five 0, Attention, Flat 15, Health Insurance & Omnipresent. This college student puts down some amazing quality sounding music that drops pretty heavy, so push your books back all the way on the shelf because this kid OZZIE his trap music rumbles the whole entire household. We are determined to get him more involved over here in the U.S. & to get some sick exclusives from him to bang on a daily basis.


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Ozzie – Attention | Download

Ozzie – Five 0 | Download

Ozzie – Flat 15 | Download

Ozzie – Health Insurance | Download


Ozzie – Omnipresent | Download

OZZIE X HUCCI – Stacks | Download