Bear Grillz Interview



What kind of Bear are you exactly? (Brown, Black, Grizzly Bear, Himalayian Snow Bear) I have no fucking idea. I was abandoned as a child, do I look like a fucking naturalist?What is it like being the only Real bear in the scene? Do you think you inspire other park animals to make music?I’m sad to say it’s already happening. There’s a squirrel down the path from my cave who thinks he can make ‘hench trap’. It’s just shit, basically just him rubbing some wet leaves together.What a prick.Your chain looks super expensive, are you ever scared of somebody stealing it? Maybe Getter or 12th Planet?I can’t really imagine anyone getting away with stealing it, the initials give it away a bit. Maybe BorGore or Bill Gates but anyone else would just look like an idiot.The new album ‘Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 1’ is full of collabs, everybody wants to work with Bear Grillz but who does BG want to work with?Right now I have my sights set on working with Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Tiesto & Deadmau5. I have sent carrier pigeons in their direction and have high hopes of them all coming onboard for Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2.Working with all of those artists must have been really inspiring, what else inspires you to make this heavy music for people?The new ‘Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 1’ has lots of different genres but stays true to dubstep. What do you consider your sound to be like, describe your “sound” for us?very unique approach to music.hailing me as a pioneer in the scene, or a ‘breath of fresh air’ against the flow and doing my own thing. leave the lasting impression as being a visionary as my legacy.The quality & sounds songs super clean artist master Firepower have an audio engineer recordings for Firepower, High Grade EP Bear Grillz on cassette.People think that Bear Grillz is a publicity stunt Firepower Records music Bear Grillz musical genius/visionary.What made you want to create a controversial cartoon series along with your music? hand-drawing all of my footage. I asked Disney if they were interested in the rights but apparently it was too ‘crude’ and had ‘serious copyright implications major influence music artists that completely blow you away?Mimosa is an inspiration. That guy is such a role model Katy Perry’s latest trap bangers shit RAW. announced dates official fall tour wild shows?