04 May. 2012


Damage is young producer from Arizona who put his own unique twist on the dubstep/hip hop standard by destroying tracks with his ridiculous dropz & high pitched melodic tunes that seems like the world is ending. Nobody can stop him from building a symphony of uptempo notes leading up to his epic third verse dub step breakdowns that kill people. This dude is got skill signing with Club Cartel Records & Free Love Digi Records which gave him the freedom to do anything in the studio. With so many genres to pick and choose from he has difficulty sticking to one but the diversity is what sets his style apart which has never seemed to hold him back from sampling a hip hop or an electro track. Discovered on sound cloud and beatport this electronic producer is yet to work his way to the top but has the potential in producing to make him into the bass dropping fiend he is beginning to be.

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