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How do your Firepower Releases keep getting heavier!? I always aim to improve my music with each release. I just want people to hear my sounds and be blown away each time. What kind of impact do you think your bone crushing dubplates has had on Bass Music?I’m not entirely sure to be honest. I remember only being a fan of dubstep & listening to all my favorite artists. It’s crazy that I can now contribute to the style & have those artists I was listening to play out my music. This ‘Self Destruct’ premiere is absolutely massive, what influenced you to make this madness? Which track is your favorite off of the EP?Well, I haven’t really done anything super robotic sounding in a while, so I wanted to revisit that theme. My favorite track would probably be Stiff Face or Self Destruct.What is your mastering process for your music? Is it different for album releases versus singles? My mastering always varies from track to track, however I usually try sticking to one template and tweaking it to sound right on each track. Solid Soul has been holding it down for Firepower Records since day one. How does Solid Soul’s artwork reflect your style of music? He really nailed the artwork on this one! Shoutout my boy Eric, he kills the art game. This EP has very heavy and punishing bass, so I needed the artwork to have a vibe similar to that. Along with the title track Beatdown, it seemed fitting to have a massive robot beating down another. How do you compare your last album ‘Living Dead’ with your newest EP ‘Beatdown’ ? Living Dead has a much darker vibe to it, whereas Beatdown is more of a ‘badass’ vibe. When I made Living Dead I was focusing on making something dark and from the depths of hell. With Beatdown it was more of a focus on an aggressive sound with tight basslines. I also feel that Beatdown has much more variation in each track. Will you try experimenting with the deeper dub vibes like ‘Takeover‘ on Flatline Vol. 1 or continue to push the boundaries of Heavy Dubstep? Good question! I will always stick to an aggressive, heavy sound overall. However, I like experimenting with new styles and I have plans in the future to do a deep EP with a theme I enjoy quite a bit. I don’t want to spoil anything but I still think the old fans as well as new ones will get something out of it. Tell us about your experience on the Underground Legends Tour ? Who are some artists you’ve always wanted to tour with? This tour has been the best so far! Every crowd was amazing, seriously. Sometimes there are slight hiccups on the road or maybe a smaller crowd than expected, but this tour has been nothing but great vibes and people. I want to get on a tour with Datsik, Funtcase, and Trampa – that would make my dreams come true, haha.Have you ever thought about growing your beard out like Trollphace & forming a super group together? LOL! Me and Trollphace go back so far, it’s insane. It’d take super long to get my beard as luscious as that but I’m sure we could make a badass duo. Who are some super talented producers that you want to introduce to the bass world? Ah man, there’s way too many to name. The younger guys have been killing it! I would want to point out Emoxx from Argentina. He has killer mixdowns and I don’t think he’s gotten the recognition he deserves quite yet. What are some of your Top Tracks of 2016 so far? My top track would be an unreleased track by Funtcase he gave me, goes off every time. ‘Jotaro’ by Phiso sounds so good on a system, I don’t get tired of hearing that one. Also, ‘Smtoke Blunts’ on Em” by Dirtysnatcha is one I like dropping quite a bit. We really hope to see you on some festival lineups this year but do you have any upcoming tours in the works or events planned?? I am in London as I type this on my Europe tour. I just played Athens, Greece for the first time which was awesome! ERGH is this Friday and it’ll be my first show in London, followed by 3 dates in France and ending in Amsterdam – another place I haven’t been to yet. There is also another tour coming up in the works, however I can’t reveal it at this time. Stayed tune!