26 Dec. 2012

Kathaus Compilation II

It’s pretty obvious that Kathaus Records has the most musically talented upcoming Trap artists in the game. With some of the biggest names in Trapstyle such as HugLife, Luminox, Omeguh, & Pigeonfox the game has its hands full of powerhouse artists leading the way for some of the underground musicians to come up quick. Kathaus loves to give out their large compilations for free to get you noticing all the upcoming Trapstarz that are about to takeover. Some of them we have never heard of before but are looking forward for more bangerz released pretty soon. Go grab this free compilation from their facebook below it’s totally worth it!

Kathaus Facebook

Free Compilation

Best Tracks:
Omeguh – N.A.S.A.
CYCLØ – Lux Luna I
Aria – Most Wanted
Boeboe – R.S.S.
Beta – Rock This
Notixx & GRIMEace – Les Go
Wrekafekt – Meiru
Jayyfresh – Dunzo
HugLife – I’m Ill
PigeonFox – Here We Go Again
Dat Beat – SqueE
Snails – Stuntin’
Protege Keys – Stutter You



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