Jphelpz delivers an unprecedented style that has been merciless to the bass music scene. As he pushes the boundaries of different genres he remains very selective with each release & label that he works with. This St. Louis based producer has made a powerful impact by taking his mechanical dubstep sound to the next level. The future of bass music falls into the hands of Jphelpz as his robotic bass sound rushes through your entire body as he drops the heaviest & deadliest dubstep known to mankind. Nothing stands a chance against Jphelpz heavy bass music as his fierce producing only gets better. This young gun has he power to destroy sound systems & venues with his massive sound. This future Firepower artist has a huge career ahead of him as he launches off releasing huge dub plates & performing with Getter & Trollphace. His brutal force has caught the eye of so many record labels & baseheads that he has continued to shock the Bass community with every release. As Jphelpz becomes more known he gains the respect of the biggest dubstep artists in the game as one of the hardest filthy producer making bangers.