Bassnectar is a style of music, a form of bass that has been created by one mastermind, Lorin Ashton. Bassnectar stands out as one of the best producers & live musicians of our time period. As he engulfs you with bass, his music is an ever changing style that can quickly vary from super heavy head bangers to beautiful soothing sing alongs. Originally producing breakbeat, he used metal & hip hop as a huge influence in his sounds. As he chops up samples & changes up the tempo with Ableton Live he uses a custom built controller to bring his music to life. The Nectars technique and sound are untouchable but continues to push for a cause. Bassnectars music is amorphous & constantly evolving as each album is more diverse than the last. Listen to Bassnectar and get taken on a melodic journey into bass music’s most mind-blowing & humbling artist. He is an ever changing producer managing his tour life & music career like a king of bass music controlling the masses with subliminal messages & mind blowing drops. This special type of producing is one of a kind & has various of melodic cuts & breakdowns for instant eargasms. Nobody can quite explain the impact Bassnectar has had on the music scene. His unique twist with his live performances leave people in shock but his message is much deeper than any other artist before. His concert is a spiritual experience pushing towards positive change & conscious awakening. As his music elevates the minds of millions, he remains the most humble & honorable artist in the music scene. Every track is a masterpiece as Lorin delivers the highest quality of Bass music with exhilerating monstrous drops & beautiful melodic adventure through the mind of Bassnectar. Albums such as Divergent Spectrum & Noise vs. Beauty are genre bending bass fueled records that he is known to deliver almost everytime. His Freestyle & Amorphous Mixtapes have made powerful waves throughout the world as some of the most creative combinations of genres ever. The best part about Bassnectar is that nobody knows what he is going to do next. His unpredictable attitude leaves thousands of Bassheads sitting on the edge of their chair waiting for Bassnectar’s next move. His remix albums always show his trust in the stars of the future in the “EDM” scene. His entire crew & movement is known as Bassnectar & nothing can match what his team does in the midst of chaos. Watch Bassnectar slay bassface’s & bassheads at each & every festival or concert he headlines. His upbeat drum & bass will pump your adrenaline up as he is known to double up then drop it into half speed. His killer music has shown his versatility in sound & style in which nobody can replicate or touch. Read about bass nectar’s contributions to the entire electronic dance music scene through his inventions through Ableton Live & building an unlimited sound bank linked with video clips & visuals.