Get ready for some of the most MASSIVE bass dropz from Logun as he rips through the scene. His destructive dubstep goes off in the club as his powerful bass blows your subs out. His breakthrough remixes of classic Hip Hop tracks have turned heads everywhere & his continuous collabs with Crizzly have been crushing the dance floor! Nothing is stopping young Logun from making a name for himself & his next level crunk productions. Look out for him coming up super freakin’ fast with his adrenaline rushing dropz! Reliving nothing but high energy bass music, this Baltimore bashed has made quite a small impact on the scene but has yet to drop his best work. He is close friends with Crizzly & have helped refine the King of Crunkstep’s music for quite some time. Logun teaching Crizzly the ropes of the production side as Crizzly perfects his releases & live sets. The two have taken over Texas as they hold their own events called Lifted. As Logun continues to make moves & next level bass music he will be scene by the real fans. No need for fakes, this guy has all the talent, skill, & look to be the future of the heavy bass scene. His sound is high pitched & playful leaving you in awe picking up your jaw from the dirty tracks he unleashes. Most of his music is free on his soundcloud & he has teamed up with some of the dopest musicians around his age such as Crizzly, Dotcom, Jigga, & more! His hip hop remixes will blow your speakers tweeters & have you wondering who the hell this guy is. His tunes go extra hard & have the punishing dropz that make the club go ham. Listen close to his ability to use his signature sounds in between a melodic intro & catchy drop. Go follow his soundcloud, twitter, Facebook, & instagram he is such a cool down to earth producer. Loo out for him coming up in the Bass scene as one of our favorite stars making it happen with his crushing singles.